Darlene  Menzies  photo

Darlene Menzies

Founder & CEO, SMEasy

Darlene Menzies had 10 years’ management experience in the corporate ICT sector at Absa and Business Connexion before starting a software development company in 2004, focusing on systems to drive social change. She grew the KZN-based business from scratch to a development staff of 30, with a national client base. 

She is also vice-chairperson of the Durban Chamber of Commerce’s SMME Committee, and has been recognised internationally by Microsoft, Voices for Innovation and the Trestle Group as a pioneering business leader and social entrepreneur. 

Menzies developed a first-of-its-kind software as a service solution for the small business sector that has been piloted at Smartxchange. She is a forerunner in the promotion and linkage of ICT systems in the NGO sector and social services programmes in the public sector to drive social change.