Gareth Taylor photo

Gareth Taylor

Senior Incubation Manager, The Awethu Project

Gareth Taylor heads up Post Investment Management at the Awethu Project. He has spent over 3 years with Awethu passionately working on designing and implementing practical, entrepreneurial solutions to the unemployment crisis in South Africa.

Since joining the Awethu Project, Gareth has overseen the incubation of over 1 000 Entrepreneurs in a project that is on track to create over 1 500 jobs by March 2017. He has successfully grown that team from 4 to 30 teammates, with incubation capacity increasing from 50 Entrepreneurs per annum to over a thousand. Gareth has also had experience in managing Awethu’s back-office service offering in addition to heading up Awethu’s Talent Management function.

Prior to joining the Awethu Project, Gareth was executive head of an entrepreneurial division within Vox Telecom before joining IQ Business as a management consultant.